Low temperatures and snow are also expected in the high areas of Southern California

Storms in Los Angeles: warn of danger of landslides

You are asked to drive very carefully.

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Starting this Tuesday night, the first winter season storm is expected in southern California, according to reports from the National Meteorological Service, likely to extend until Thursday of this week. People are asked to take their precautions, as risk of landslides on roads and roads is expected.

For its part, the Los Angeles Fire Department has published a series of recommendations for the population to remain alert, especially those who live near the places where recent fires occurred. And, although the change in the climate reduces the risk of new fires, it is possible that landslides and floods occur.

"When the rains impact the Los Angeles area, drains, streams and other low areas can fill up quickly with water and debris, creating a life or death hazard," the Department said on its official website.

In addition to heavy rainfall and lightning, snowfall is expected in the mountainous areas of southern California, where temperatures will fall to 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit this Wednesday.


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