Laura Galán, protagonist of the short film, said she is healthy, looks beautiful and feels sexy

Laura Galán, the Spanish actress who stars in the short film “Cerdita", is convinced that the bullying It is a problem and a form of violence by people who insult.

"Bullying cannot be the norm”, Says the actress who has lived in the flesh the harassment of her own overweight, but not at the level of Sara, the main character of“ Pig. ”

In an interview with the newspaper The opinion, the 33-year-old actress, born in Guadalajara, Spain, encourages Latinos in the United States to watch the film so they are inspired to stop bullying.

"It is a very educational short film that will reflect and create debate to know in what position we are in relation to this type of violence that damages and makes others feel bad," says Laura.

The actress made a call not to remain silent to all people who suffer harassment because "Silence is our enemy."

"Piggy" (Piggy) tells the story of Sara, a teenager who suffers the bullying and abuse because of his obesity in the town where he lives. Not even Claudia, her best childhood friend defends her when she is harassed in the local pool in front of a stranger. A crucial moment in history occurs when her clothes are stolen, and Sara has to return in a bikini to her house. The long journey to your home will mark the rest of your life.

Laura Galán gives life to Sara, an overweight young woman who is a victim of bullying. (Photo provided)

"It's my first leading role, and I really liked making such a complex character, and the one that made me learn a lot as an actress," he says.

Since the script came to his hands, he liked it. "I wanted to tell Sara's story, put her body in my voice and feelings so she could talk."

And he adds that history filled him a lot because he denounces the treatment of young women who have a body that goes beyond the canons established by society.

Laura and Sara, her character, have in common the overweight. The actress said weigh 87 kilos and measure 1 meter with 50 centimeters.

And he admits that since he was a child he has had extra kilos.

"Everyone who is overweight has suffered bullying, but I have not lived as strong as my character in the short film”, He says.

However, she identifies with Sara for being judged for having a different body that in the end, she says, is not so different from the rest of the world.

Laura Galán has been a victim of bullying, but not at the level of Sara, a character she plays in the short film “Cerdita”. (Courtesy Marcela Navarrete)

Laura says that despite being from a small city next to Madrid, she ran lucky to not suffer strong harassment for being overweight.

"Although there were people who called me "chickpea", my parents and my environment gave me a strong education that strengthened me very well to the ground"He exposes.

But recognize that it was pure luck. “There are people who keep telling me fat. But I am fat, and also brunette and with curly hair. Something that causes many shock", Express. “If they tell me fat, I don't care if they take away the pejorative. Fat is just an adjective. And being fat is not a shame, it is a problem for the person who insults and uses it as a form of violence"

Laura says she with her extra kilos, "I'm healthy, I look pretty and I feel sexy."

The drama that stars has won more than 50 awards and has been selected to participate in more than 200 high profile film festivals.

“Cerdita” has been shortlisted in the fiction short film category for the Oscar Awards.

“It is a beautiful dream. Madness, ”he exclaims happily. His greatest wish is that he will soon be seen in the United States. "I wish that many people could see it."

In addition to Laura as the protagonist, Elisabet Casanovas and Mireia Vilapuig also participate in the film. In charge of cinematography was Rita Noriega A.C.E; Nacho Arenas in the sound; and in the edition, David Pelegrín.

The movie "Little Pig" aims to bring awareness about bullying and abuse to overweight people. (Photo provided)

The short film is in the fiction category and will be released in the US through different digital platforms after the list of Oscar candidates was known, said Luis Ángel Ramírez, producer.

"Cerdita lasts 14 minutes and was shot in Villanueva De la Vera, an Extremaduran town in Cáceres where the natural pool where our character is beset is located, ”said Ramírez.

Among the awards he has received are the Goya 2019 Award – the best film awards in Spain – in the category of the best short film; and the Forqué cinematography prize. Its director Carlota Pereda was also awarded. It should be said that more than 60% of the cast and crew of the band are women.

Cerdita was produced by Luis Ángel Ramírez (IMVAL Madrid), The 4th Company and Mario Madueño.

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