Puma attacks two puppies and roams the streets of Simi Valley in California

Poomba was attacked by a cougar at his home in Simi Valley, and lost his life. Sammy, the other dog that suffered an attack, survived.

Screen capture / KTLA.

This Friday the population of Simi valley, California, you must be careful because its streets vague a Cougar, as reported by animal control authorities. The cougar was seen the morning of this Thursday, when attacked Poomba and Sammy, pets of two neighbors from the area Unfortunately, Poomba, a miniature schnauzer, he died in the attack.

Brian D., brother of the owner of Poomba, commented that she heard her dog bark and let him out the door, like every morning, not knowing that the homeless cougar was outside. But when she left, she saw the animal pouncing on her pet. The woman jumped on the cougar, and "hit and tried to open the snout, but could not prevent him from killing his puppy," he reported.

Another neighbor in the area could save Sammy, his pet who was also attacked by the cougar.

Currently, the biologists of the national park of the Santa Monica Mountains they study how many pumas that live in the area survive, and that have suffered urban growth, with the construction of houses and roads in their habitat.

If a person finds a cougar, the authorities recommend do not approach, not scream Or use high-pitched sounds. To be possible, keep calm, move your arms and open your coat to look bigger. Throw some rock or object at a nearby point to scare him, but not throw him against the animal as it can be counterproductive.


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