The influenza has reached higher levels than those normally seen on these dates, causing the death of 16 people, announced the Health authorities of state of California. Taking September 29 as a starting point, today the disease has been more lethal in this season than in previous years.

Among the victims, influenza claimed the life of two kids, according to the report of Department of Public Health. At San Diego County, last November 23 was registered the sixth death derived from the disease.

Between December 1 and 7, the National Vaccination Week against the Influenza, so the authorities they urge the population to go to vaccinate: "Is the best defense against influenza, ”warned the authorities.

Vaccines take a couple of weeks to take effect, so the sooner the better go to a vaccination center and be prepared for the dates that typically are higher contagion, near the December's holidays. you’ll tend to have fewer days of symptoms and they’ll be less severe, ”Angell said.

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