Authorities remind motorists not to cross flooded streets or avenues

Nightmare of traffic due to accidents in Los Angeles: roads 5 and 710 closed

A truck carrying potatoes and onions was hanging on the connector bridge on Highway 710, east of Los Angeles.

Department of Transportation.

The barely beginning rains in the Los Angeles area this Wednesday and its effects on the traffic. This morning, a accident that involved multiple vehicles proved the closure of two lanes in the highway 5, at the height of Roxford, as reported by the Department of Transportation (CalTrans).

Moreover, also in the 710 road there was a closure at the junction with the route 60at east of Los Angeles. A trailer what transported onions and potatoes hung up on the connection bridge, as reported by the authorities.

"The lanes that connect to Highway 60 are closed for an unknown duration," they reported through the Twitter account of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). "The staff of the unit is working to get the trailer stuck on the bridge and return it to the pavement."

He recommend being aware by social networks to know the progress and know when the rails will reopen closed.

The authorities recommend motorists extreme precautions during this day Drive slower and with the light on These are some of the suggestions to avoid incidents. In addition, drivers are reminded do not go through flooded streets or avenues. This, because when trying to pass, vehicles can be hauled, even in areas with just 12 inches of accumulated water.


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