Authorities will continue investigating illegal gambling activities in this area of ​​Los Angeles

Illegal casino dismantled in Long Beach: 11 detainees

Authorities dismantled an illegal casino in Long Beach, where they seized gaming machines and detained 11 people.

Long Beach Police Department.

At approximately 4:30 in the morning of this Tuesday, authorities of Long beach they made a operational in a building on Long Beach Boulevard, which resulted in the arrest of 11 suspects.

Through a statement, the Police department Long Beach announced that the operation was the result of an investigation, which they conducted after receiving reports from residents of the area. He business had super mini facade, but inside, they were carried out illegal activities related with gambling.

Agents too seized 11 machines of games as well as cash, although the amount was not reported.

As they warned in the same statement, the authorities will continue investigating businesses of this type, because in addition to being illegal, "they can lead to other more violent crimes."


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