Alicia Concepción Villamariona-Montalvo promises to improve services and end the reputation of bad service

New consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles will have an open door policy

Alicia Concepcion Villamariona Montalvo asks her countrymen to look for her and not to keep quiet so she can do a better job. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The newly arrived consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles, Alicia Concepción Villamariona-Montalvo arrived determined to end the bad reputation that the Consulate has in terms of poor attention and mistreatment of its Salvadoran countrymen, and focus on improving services.

"That stigma I worries. By that me priority be speed up the services, deliver them plus Quick Y to get better he treatment and the Attention to the Salvadorans", He says.

Y asks that in the case of what not receive a good Attention when they go to consulate, request talk With a superior boss.

Alicia Concepción Villamariona Montalvo is the new consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)
Alicia Concepcion Villamariona-Montalvo has worked on the east coast of the USA. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

Villamariona-Montalvo took office as consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles on October 1.

She is a graduate of the Communication career of the Francisco Gavidia University of San Salvador in El Salvador. He worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in San Salvador when 21 years ago he was presented with the opportunity to come to work at the consulate of El Salvador, in Washington in 1998. Subsequently, between 2011 and 2015 he worked as vice consul in Woodbridge in the state of Virginia.

Since make almost five years lives at East of the Angels. Under the new government of the President Nayib Bukele, He received he appointment from consul General of El Salvador in Los Angels whose jurisdiction understands all Southern California

"We have just over a million Salvadorans living in this region," said the consul, who is responsible for 26 employees at the Consulate General of El Salvador.

The official has to attend the public in the new offices of the Consulate of El Salvador, at 3250 Wilshire Boulevard, suite 550 of the city of Los Angeles.

"In East building we have parking lot, whose cost we're validating so that the people no battle in find a place where leave your cars or you expose to be given one penalty fee" precise. The entrance for the parking lot is by Street New Hampshire

Alicia Concepcion Villamariona Montalvo, new consul of El Salvador in Los Angeles, talks with some saviors who come to request services from the consulate. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

The diplomat comment that to diary receive between 150 and 200 people. "He Procedure that plus demand is the expedition of the passport, but is important that know that so that the expedition be agile must comply with everybody the requirements. Yes us the they have, that delay he process" mentions. There same they have a office for apply for he Document Only Identity (DUI), requirement basic for apply for he passport.

Too the Salvadorans request much the records from birth his sons born in state United; and the authorizations from pensions for retired Y widows in El Salvador.

The chancellor confesses to landing at the post. “I'm just going to start meeting with community leaders and Salvadoran groups. We have many projects, but we ask for some time while we organize ourselves well, ”he says.

However, he says that everybody They are Welcome already that its management to the front of the consulate be from doors open. "Do not doubt in look for me for any trouble Y yes not the may l help, the come on to guide on how solve" comment.

For any Procedureto them they ask that go at Offices of the consulate or what take out appointment at 213-234-9200. O well, they can to write to the mail electronic:

The offices of the new consulate of El Salvador in Los Angeles. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)


Salvador Sanabria, leader of the organization He Rescue you wish the best from luck to new consul, to who yet no known. He pointed that without doubt its higher concern be the possible termination of the TPS (Status from Protection Temporary) contemplated for the 2nd of January of the year that enters, what will affect to hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans benefited with that Program Who could deal the deportation.

“Although this is not a decision that depends on a consul. She can't do anything, ”he says, but her support is always important.

TPS beneficiaries have been placed in limbo after President Trump's administration issued an executive order to end this immigration relief. If their elimination is confirmed, it will have devastating effects on families.

Evelyn Hernández, coordinator of the CARECEN TPS, says she hopes the consul will keep the doors open to the community, and join the campaign of permanent residence for TPSians.

"We wait that us support and compromise within what allow their capacities diplomatic" points out.

Jesús Aguilar, a Salvadoran resident of Los Angeles, argues that the challenge of the new consul is to improve the quality of consular services. “Those are the expectations and that you have an approach with the community and know the problem so that it can respond to your needs,” he says.

It also indicates that mobile consulates have stopped for two months and should be reactivated.

“The other problem is that the requirements to manage a passport are more complicated now. It is much more difficult for people to do the process as a requirement ”.

And he adds that the consul You need to go visit the Salvadorans who work in agriculture in Oxnard, who are the ones that most require consular services. “It is a very vulnerable population for whom documents are vital to change their salary checks and send their remittances, ”he says.

Event in door

He Saturday 26 of October at consulate General of El Salvador from 9:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m. be carry to cape a service extraordinary for the ones interested perform its Procedure from passport.


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