Los Angeles: Rodeo Drive and Melrose luxury stores are not spared looting

Looting at an Apple store in West Los Angeles.


Rodeo Drive, considered the most exclusive shopping street in the United States, could not be saved from looting on the chaotic Saturday afternoon and night.

Initially, a massive caravan of protesters marched peacefully down Rodeo Drive, shouting "Eat the Rich!"

But eventually the violence appeared, as had already happened at The Grove Mall and other businesses in the Fairfax area, when Police attempted to disperse protesters.

The Alexander McQueen boutique was looted. A camera captured the moment in which individuals are admitted to the exclusive clothing and accessories store.

A group of looters attempted to vandalize the Gucci store, but after removing the protection boards that had been placed outside, the attackers were unable to break the windows to enter the premises.

Eventually, the Beverly Hills Police managed to control the situation, but the stores on Melrose Avenue did not suffer the same fate.

A building above Melrose in which an adjacent Starbucks café could be seen was burned down. Firefighters were struggling to put out the fire, which caused a dense column of black smoke.

Images from local television news shows showed that officers managed to detain dozens and dozens of suspects, whom they kept on the ground or against walls before processing their arrests.


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