LAPD accused of provoking violence at George Floyd rally in West Los Angeles

The arrest of a protester in West Los Angeles.


Protesters who participated in a protest in Los Angeles on Saturday against police abuse and racism over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, tweeted that the demonstration was taking place peacefully, as it had been organized, until Los Angeles Police officers began to clamp down on protesters, using batons and beating them.

Los Angeles authorities say violence in the protests is taking place because people who want to create these confrontations, create riots and promote looting are involved.

Here is a series of tweets that became highly visible and show how the demonstration happened, before the riots and the intervention of police officers began:

And then, notices like this start:

LOS ANGELES: This m … is real. They just drove around my neighborhood, I saw the last one just 5 minutes ago. If you're at the LA protest go now as soon as you can. ”

And the videos posted on Twitter by people who say they participated in the demonstration and accuse the police of inciting violence:

In the next tweet even appears a photo of a person setting a LAPD car on fire, and from a protester who wrote: "He started the car, not us."

Many users said that the demonstration was taking place peacefully.

"I just want to reiterate that today's protest in Los Angeles was peaceful and non-violent until it was accelerated to a violent situation by @LAPDHQ"


The curfew has been expanded to the entire city to keep Angelenos safe. People in the city of Los Angeles must stay indoors tonight, starting at 8 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning.


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