Eric Garcetti assured that the city and the county will ease the restrictions more and more in the coming weeks

Los Angeles Mayor clarifies that it will not be three more months of quarantine

The Los Angeles mayor cleared up the confusion about the "Safer at Home" order.

LA City / Courtesy

Earlier this week the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health raised the possibility that the quarantine would be extended for three more months, however, the mayor Eric Garcetti has clarified that it will not be so.

"I want to say two things, the first is no. Los Angeles County will not be quarantined for three more months"Said the mayor referring to the issue.

To give an example of the county's progress, Garcetti referred to the recent flexibilities that allow the opening of certain shops, parks and beaches. "We are not moving away from COVID-19, we are learning to live with it. The threat today is as high as the first day"He added.

The mayor assured that his dismissal along with other local city authorities and health specialists They will continue to work together to announce new steps to follow regarding the lifting of restrictions. "I am very hopeful for the days to come where we can continue taking steps together", he claimed.

Regarding a possible quarantine extended for months, Garcetti sentenced: "It's not what I've heard, it's not what I expect, it's not what I want"


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