The Angelenos did not wait to return to the county's beaches the first day of the reopening after weeks without being able to visit them

Since last Wednesday the beaches of los angeles county they reopened to the public after being closed for more than a month.

Thanks to the modification of the order "Safer at home", Now you can visit the coasts for recreational and sports activities such as running, surfing and walking.

However, Sunbathing or group sports are not yet allowed. The bike paths, they are also closed.

In the first reopening, the visitors did not wait.

Venice skate park reopened. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE
Dozens of people walked through the sand. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE
The surfers took the opportunity to return to the sea. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE
Entire families walked along the shore. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE.
Dozens of people went for a run. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE
Many rode bicycles despite not being allowed. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE.
Angelenos needed an escape. ETIENNE LAURENT / EFE.


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