"I was tired of the negative political discourse about immigrants," says Dinah Pérez

Los Angeles, California.- Tired of negative comments about the Hispanic community, Dinah Pérez decided to launch the videos website “Latinx21”, in which he invites immigrants to tell their stories, express themselves and share their interests.

Within a few hours of being officially opened, the site already has about 200 affiliates. The creator of the project said that her goal is to help "Latinos shine."

“I was tired of negative political discourse about immigrants“, Explained the executive director of “Latinx21”, who lives in Los Angeles, California.

“My parents came to this country in the 50s, they emigrated from Cuba. They wanted a better life for them and their offspring and they succeeded“, Added the Latina, daughter of a Cuban mother and Cuban-Spanish father.

His idea is that the video platform allows many immigrants to "Tell your stories, share your interests and express yourself freely."

"For me, ‘Latinx21’ It is a place where Latinos can come, shine, express themselves freely, know each other and show what they are and how they are, ”he said. Perez

With an audiovisual landscape in the header, reading options in both English and Spanish and a menu with more than 20 sections, ranging from Contests, Animals, Car, Art and Culture, Family and Entertainment to Spirituality, The website also sponsors a short film contest “Latinx21” They can be sent until October.

To make the site “more inclusive,” the name is “neutral, including Latinos, Latinas and the LGBTQ + community,” he explained. Perez

Too, the doors of the network in “Latinx21” are open to those who are not Latin, but they do have "interest in our community" or want to share related stories.

"For example, even if you are not Latin, if you travel to a Spanish-speaking country and want to upload a video about your experience, you will be welcome," said the founder.

The platform, which can be found at the address latinx21.com, is designed so that members of the Latino community can share “what they have in common and what makes them different, in order to celebrate our cultures and make our country stronger in the 21st century".

The users registered at the time of officially launching the page, added about 200, are referred to as "communities", as it is considered that Each one represents a group of people around them.

Users can upload videos up to a maximum of 2 GB. If a user is a regular video producer or a media professional, they can consider opening an account as a “producer”, which allows them to upload videos up to 10 Gb.

This will facilitate being able to present “videos of better resolution quality, tell longer stories and show more of their creation,” explains the web.

To qualify as a producer you must have three videos on your channel and at least 50 followers.

However, "if you are an organization or a brand that wants to be a producer very quickly," you can contact Pérez or the administrators of the page.

Pérez also provides the option to qualify as “Original account”, which will be granted to accounts created on the site before this Sunday.

The only requirement to open an account is to be over 13 years of age. Similarly, as easy as opening an account is closing it, the portal said.

Although he was born in New York, Perez Los Angeles considers his home. In this city she graduated as an E lawyerLoyola Marymount University School of Law, and has exercised his legal career in the area of ​​"entertainment" since 1996.

From the age of 12 he was inclined to sing and at 17 he appeared in The Lincoln Center, as in Radio City Music Hall.

He also had a small film production company where he developed scripts with veteran producers.

For all his experience, and because he wants Latinos to show their best, today he invited many to open their accounts at "Latinx21".

“This is our home and everyone is welcome”, said the daughter of immigrants.


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