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(Partner Article) In the majority of cases, an expatriation terminates your rights to the French Social Security, and therefore to the possibility of reimbursing you for medical procedures performed in France. The CFE, Caisse des Français de l'Etranger, offers you a solution to this limitation. FrancExpat Health is a health insurance allowing you to be supported for all your care in France. You can take advantage of your stays in France to get treatment, be followed by your usual health professionals and enjoy the benefits of the French health system.

Is the FrancExpat Santé offer for me?

FrancExpat Health is for expatriates and all their beneficiaries, who already have local coverage in their country of expatriation and return to France regularly, even for short stays.

Why choose FrancExpat Health during my expatriation?

Whether for routine medical visits, hospitalizations or childbirth, it is often more reassuring to seek treatment in your country, with doctors you know, and without being confronted with the language barrier.

FrancExpat Health allows you to continue to be followed by your doctor, and perform all the medical procedures you want during your stay in France. In this way, you benefit from the advantages of the French system, high reimbursements and the quality of care, and can maintain the link with all your French health professionals. In addition, you save a lot of money on costs that could be very expensive in your country of expatriation.

How does FrancExpat Health work?

From 20 € per month, with FrancExpat Health, you are covered during all your stays in France, and this whatever your country of residence and the duration of your passage in France.

Moreover, as of next autumn, all members * will be able to keep their vital card and use it during their stays in France. You will be able to benefit from third-party payment in some cases, shorter payment periods and secure exchanges. Read the article on the project carte vitale.

All health expenses incurred in France for you or your beneficiaries are reimbursed according to the same conditions as those of the Social Security. In addition, you benefit from third-party payment in hospitals. If you are an employee, you can opt for the 3 in 1 pack: daily allowances – disability – death, from € 11 per month.

How to join the CFE?

You can join the CFE whatever your age, your status and your country of expatriation. No health questionnaire will be asked. Moreover, it is impossible to be excluded. To subscribe to the offer FrancExpat Health, the procedure is completely dematerialized, you can join online and opt for direct debits. In addition, you can make all your requests for reimbursements of care online via your personal space. You can also join the CFE by post.

Learn more about www.cfe.fr or contact us: (Email protected)

* under eligibility conditions.

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