The technology "Cool Streets" is the bet of the mayor of the city for the fight against global warming

LA's new technological plan to combat climate change

Mayor Eric Garcetti is committed to combating climate change.

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In a effort to combat global warmingLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new campaign to cool the city streets.

Garcetti exhibited the campaign on Tuesday on 57th Street in South Los Angeles, explaining that the plan involves covering the pavement with a coating that reflects heat, unlike traditional black asphalt, which absorbs it.

"Los Angeles is leading and placing cold pavement surfaces on the street, so researchers can come and assess how it really works in the real environment," said Greg Spotts, director of sustainability for the initiative Cool Streets LA.

The initiative is expected, which It also includes the planting of 90,000 trees, implemented in 10 neighborhoods by 2025.

"We know that climate change is not an abstract crisis, this is the struggle of our lives," Garcetti told reporters on Tuesday.

The initiative requires the use of material from Cool pavement on 250 miles of city streets for the 2028 Olympics.

According to Spotts, so far there have been very few tests of the cold pavement in the world.

"The purpose of the cold pavement is not to make it cool if you are standing in the middle of the street," said Spotts. “The purpose is to improve the environment on the sidewalks of your front yard and in your home. So we will do a lot of work to analyze its effects at different times of the day and in all those different places. ”


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