California Governor Announces Reopening Phase 3 on June 12

After yesterday's announcement that California will allow the reopening of schools, camps, bars, gyms and professional sports, with certain modifications, starting next Friday, the excitement has not been long in coming – especially in training fans.

Lydia Barrón, 44, used to go to the gym constantly before the order to stay home came.

He assures that before the pandemic he attended a gym in the San Fernando Valley seven days a week and also gave Zumba classes once a week.

“For me this (reopening) is very exciting. Exercise is part of my life… I heard that gyms will be open with a certain limit of people. ”

He added that he is not afraid of contagion because it can be everywhere and hopes that his gym will take the necessary measures.

However, he indicated that Zumba classes will have to wait since she does not want to put other people at risk.

"Going to the gym is my own decision but I don't want to involve others," said Barrón who has been an instructor since 2009.

"My classes are usually 25 to 30 students."

The feeling of emotion is shared by Ángel Alcaraz, 35, who also heard this Friday about the reopening announcement and said that he will be at his Glendale gym next June 12 first thing.

Angel Alcaraz will return to the gym as soon as they open it again. (Supplied)

He, like Barrón, indicated not to fear the contagion and said he was prepared with antibacterial and wipes

"Every time you go somewhere, there is always the concern of infecting you," he said. "Besides, I haven't had much (physical) activity since (the gyms) closed."

What he does hope, he said, is that these places take the precautionary measures very seriously and that he would even like to take the temperature of all the members before they start exercising.

"I believe that gyms will take all possible measures to make us feel safe," he added.

Guide in a few days

Mark Ghaly, the state's chief health official, said Friday that he would soon issue guidance so counties can reopen a wide range of businesses that have been closed since mid-March due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

This is part of phase 3 of reopening which does not include nail salons.

However, he added that in the end it is up to the counties to determine if they are ready to reopen with the probability of facing an increase in positive results.

So far, he said, cases of coronavirus and state hospitalizations remain stable.

At a press conference Friday, Governor Newsom said the state has "detailed plans" depending on each county.

They are called certification, containment, and prevention plans and are available to everyone in, ”he noted.

He also disclosed that in the past 100 days they have been preparing efforts in California for an anticipated increase in cases as the economy begins to reopen.

"Our capacity has never been greater to meet needs from a perspective of the need for hospitalization, alternative care and PPE (having Personal Protective Equipment for the health sector)," said the Governor.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that coronaviruses on surfaces and objects die naturally within hours to days.

In addition, warmer temperatures and exposure to sunlight reduce the time the virus survives on surfaces and objects, experts say.

However, they do request that normal routine cleaning be continued with soap and water to remove germs and dirt from surfaces.

Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 through cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening public spaces that will require careful planning, the CDC said.


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