Starting in January, she will take office as the first Latina to lead the Angelino council

For the first time, a Latina is elected as president of the Los Angeles Council

Nury Martinez makes history and becomes the first Latin president of the Council of L.A.

Taken from the official page of the Councilor.

Councilwoman Nury Martínez said she was elected by her fellow councilors as the first Latina president of the Los Angeles City Council, that the perspective of women and families will be a priority on her agenda.

"I will work with my dedicated colleagues in the Council and Mayor Garcetti to secure resources, services and opportunities for all Angels in the 11 districts of the Council”Said Martínez who represents the 6th district that includes the north of the San Fernando Valley.

“As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I don't forget that in one of the most diverse cities in the world and in the second largest city in the nation, I will soon make history by becoming the first Latin president of the Los Angeles Council", he claimed.

Councilwoman Nury Martinez will be the new president of the Los Angeles Council. (Aurelia Ventura / La Opinion)

He revealed that any sense of pride is overshadowed by the enormous sense of duty of hard daily work that his parents taught him to do what is right for Los Angeles residents.

Councilwoman Martinez will replace from January the current president of the angelino council, Herb Wesson who leaves office to devote himself to his election campaign for a seat on the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County.

In the last two years, Wesson had appointed Nury as vice president and assistant to the council presidency.

Martínez grew up in Pacoima, in the San Fernando Valley. She will be the second woman to preside over the Council elected by the councilors. The first elected president was Councilwoman Pat Russell in 1983. Subsequently, Councilwoman Ruth Galanter was president after the death of then leader John Ferraro in 2001.

On Tuesday, the councilors voted to allow the president of the Los Angeles Council, Herb Wesson, to leave the position he held since November 2011.

The Council also voted for Councilman Joe Buscaino to be the vice president.

Councilwoman Herb Wesson will leave the position of president of the Los Angeles Council to pursue his campaign for a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. (Aurelia Ventura / La Opinion)

Nury Martínez and Joe Buscaino will assume their new leadership starting on January 5, but will actually start working on January 14 when they return from the winter break.

"I am very proud to be part of this new leadership in the City of Los Angeles with the historic inauguration of the first Latin president of the City Council of Los Angeles," said Vice President-elect Buscaino.

He added that he feels excited to be next to a woman while she directs this Council towards a new decade. “It is a time of challenges and opportunities. I think that President-elect Martínez is the one we need right now, ”he said.

Buscaino said that in the six years he has worked with Martínez, he has discovered that they share many of the same values, especially because they were raised by immigrant parents.

"We share the same urgency to address the most pressing problems," he completed.

Nury Martínez was elected as a councilor in August 2013. He was previously on the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District between 2009 and 2013.

One of his most outstanding achievements is the creation in 2015 of a work team against human trafficking in the Bureau of the Valley, which focuses on the arrest of individuals who exploit women in prostitution.


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