The films in Spanish, subtitled in English, will be from October 7 to 12

The 2019 Film Festival in the Fields arrives for the second consecutive year to honor the farmers of the Coachella Valley.

He seeks to honor the working class in the countryside whose stories are rich in culture.

Dr. Cony Martínez, founder and president of Cinema Culturas – in charge of presenting the festival – tries to connect the Coachella Valley with the Inland Empire and the Los Angeles metropolitan area through culture, cinema and storytelling. Although the festival has been performing for six years, it is the second time that the Coachella Valley is included.

"These are the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary stories," Martinez said and commented that even some of the actors are children of the farmers and who participated in film workshops.

Martínez said that one of the motivations for this festival was his mother.

“When I was a student, I wanted to do something for the Coachella Valley because my mother was a farmer for over 25 years,” he said.

“When I saw the farmers, I said‘ I will return ’and then I decided to launch a festival in the countryside for rural families.

Martinez added that the festival's feature films and short films will be complemented by educational workshops in the Coachella Valley sponsored by Dr. Judy White, superintendent of the Riverside County Public Schools.

There will be storytelling workshops for elementary and middle school students, science workshops for young children, and professional development workshops for high school students.

Sessions on mental health issues will also be taught with the support of experts.

The children of the Coachella Valley participate in workshops to learn about cinematography. (Supplied)

The Country Festival will cover the cities of Mecca, Indio, Palm Desert, Riverside, Rialto, Claremont and Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles the feature film “Dream in another language” will be presented, which tells the story of two friends and the struggle to keep a language alive about to
to become extinct.

By telling the extraordinary stories of ordinary people on the big screen, there will be the opportunity to provide a space for those who are often not heard in society.

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