E-2 visa

The revision of the visa period E, which holds French investors in the United States in suspense or who want to settle there, is postponed again.

A member of the State Department said Thursday, September 12 at French Morning, that the United States has "temporarily postponed the implementation of changes to our visa regime. A new implementation date will be announced soon".

The French Embassy in the United States confirms that discussions are still ongoing.

Initially planned for the end of August, the shortening of the visa period from 5 years to 15 months, had already been postponed for the first time to 26 September. Thursday, September 12, the message posted on the website of the US Embassy in France informing applicants of this postponement had disappeared, leaving hope for a cancellation of the decision.

The suspense continues. At the end of August, the United States had decided, much to the surprise of France and French entrepreneurs settled in the United States, to reduce the duration of the E visa from sixty (five) years to fifteen.

The US State Department had justified this decision by the legal obligation to align with similar visas issued to Americans by the partner country, in this case France.

The latter had protested by pointing out that foreign investors had the possibility of applying for a one-year visa and then a residence permit of up to four years. The E (E-1 and E-2) visa is awarded to foreign investors and certain employees.


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