He is proud to interpret Mexican music, and thus gain the trust of the Angelian community he serves

Chris Reza was not born in Mexico but in Los Angeles, but the passion for Mariachi music inherited it from his mother, a Mexican immigrant. It was not until he became an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) when he began singing professionally with Mariachi, dressed in his police uniform.

"It's a pride to sing with Mariachi and at the same time develop the trust and relationship of the LAPD with the community," says Reza, who has been working as a detective for two years and was recently changed to the LAPD station in southeast Los Angeles. .

This police investigator was born at the Doctors Hospital of East Los Angeles. His parents are of Mexican origin. His mother from Mexicali, Baja California Norte, and his father's family is from Chihuahua.


LAPD detective and Mariachi interpreter Chris Reza was born and raised in Los Angeles. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).

“I started singing from a young age. I always liked the music. It was something my mother taught me and I always sang with her. When I started singing at parties with mariachi live, it was when a passion went on in me. I said, this is what I want to do in one way or another, ”he recalls.

His first professional presentation, he calculates, was about 13 years ago. “It was something we organized several friends. I sang at a talent show in a restaurant. I made friends with Mariachi Sol de México and things were happening ”.

Reza has been singing lessons with a private teacher for 15 years. "I keep going once a week if I leave my job."

The artist works for the LAPD since 2004. “Until two years ago I was an officer in the street. There is nothing like helping the victims and interacting with the community, but my new job as a detective, investigating homicides, is very interesting and I like it a lot, ”he emphasizes.

Chris Reza learned from his Mexican mother the love of mariachi music. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).

In the midst of his research work, Reza finds bits of time to sing with Mariachi.

For a long time she sang a charro dress accompanying Mariachi Vargas, but in a quinceañera that the LAPD organized for a girl whose mother was going to die, she was encouraged to sing police dress because there were many uniformed officers at the party. His presentation was so successful singing Mariachi with his LAPD uniform, that thereafter he no longer takes it off to interpret with Mariachi. “Now everyone wants me to sing in police uniforms. At first I said, but I really like the charro suit. ”

However, Reza decided to sing with the police uniform because he says that in addition to being very pretty, he draws a lot of attention to people.

For the young policeman, singing with the mariachi dressed in his police uniform, helps to promote a good image of the LAPD and the trust of the community towards the police corporation.

“We are parts of the community and when I sing, I interact with them. LAPD likes the results and how people respond, ”he says.

Thus, through his participation as a Mariachi interpreter, he has managed to establish a relationship of trust with the Angels. "People come to me, ask me for advice and help on their problems."

The Mariachi Los Servidores, made up of police agents from various organizations, including Chris Reza. (Facebook photo)

Reza is presented at different festivals or at events that invite LAPD. “I am very happy to combine my two passions, music and the police,” he says.

He does not charge for his presentations, only the mariachi that accompanies him. Sometimes, he sings with the Mariachi Los Servidores formed by police officers from several police corporations from different counties in California.

“It is very difficult for us to get together because of the obligations we each have. Sometimes we can do it, but if not, I support myself with several Mariachis who help me in my presentations, ”he explains.

He also acknowledges that he is happy to receive the comments of support for his artistic work. “I get very emotional messages. I realize that this effort is worth it and I don't want to stop. By singing with mariachi, I help change the way people think about LAPD, ”he says.

Personally, he admits that he is very proud to have been born in Los Angeles and sing and live the culture of his parents through the mariachi. “When I sing, people remember their Mexico, their relatives, their childhood. It fills me with satisfaction that they see me as one of their children. ”

Reza is 42 years old and is the father of two children of 9 and 7.

The LAPD detective interprets with great feeling and passion the Mexican song accompanied by the mariachi. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion)

When he goes on stage, surrounded by the members of the Mariachi, with his impeccable LAPD police uniform, Reza gives himself to the public by singing the Mexican song with great feeling. When he finishes, people applaud him and ask for another and another. At the end of his presentation, they hug him and ask for a photo for him Face.


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