LOS ANGELES.- One latin bakery from Pasadena, California, He received a penalty fee of over $ 80,000 dollars by not respect the labor code Y of the minimum wage, both from the city and the state.

Chapala Bakery must pay the sum of $ 81,000 in back wages, damage, cousins and interests, the City of Pasadena warned in a statement.

The investigation of Department of Planning and Community Development of Pasadena and the Department of Industrial Relations from California arose after a Complaint filed by several bakery employees.

Officials determined that Chapala Bakery committed violations of minimum wage standards, overtime pay Y split shift, meal payment Y rest periods, among other.

"The Pasadena City Council is committed to investigating and resolving complaints about the minimum wage and wage theft, as well as to provide information and training on their rights to low income workers, members of the immigrant community and business owners and operators, ”the statement warns.

The city determined that the bakery should compensate three employees with $ 62,987, and pay the state another 17,950 for fines.

Pasadena, a city that belongs to Los Angeles County, requires that for July 2020 the business with 26 or more workers pay $ 15 dollars an hour. The city of more than 141,000 inhabitants -according to the Census– established a minimum salary higher for its workers that the value that governs in California.

Companies with 25 or less workers must pay $ 15 an hour from July 1, 2021 in this city. EFE News amv / jip

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