Skiing, sliding in tire chambers or seeing dreamlike landscapes, all this is possible in the snowy resorts that are within walking distance of the city

Do you feel like going to the snow? These places are near Los Angeles

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Did anyone say that angels only have sun and sea, even during winter? Maybe, but that does not mean that they are limited to the benevolent climate enjoyed by much of the Golden State.

Several resorts near this metropolis offer the opportunity to enjoy activities in the snow, from sliding in tire chambers along long slopes to skiing like a professional.

These are some of the most popular snowy sites near Los Angeles, where it is best that you can enjoy with your family.

Big bear

This is perhaps the best known of the snow resorts closest to Los Angeles. Big Bear Snow Play, in Rebel Ridge, has been a favorite for generations. One of its biggest attractions is "tubing", or the slide in which tire chambers are used to slide; It is open day and night, so visitors can contemplate the stars while having fun at this attraction. $ 20 to $ 35 per person. Reports

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Snow valley mountain resort

This resort has an area dedicated to play that is located at the foot of the mountain, near Sun Deck. There, young and old children can have a good time making snowmen, angels or snowball wars. This place has the longest sled slope in the area, and is available for children 6 years and older. The passes for the last two hours of the attraction have a lower cost. $ 12 to $ 36 per person. reports.

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Mount baldy

It is the closest resort to Los Angeles, a favorite not only for snow lovers but also for mountaineers and hikers. Its snowy mountains are visible from many points of the city. A pass for “tubing” allows you to enjoy this attraction unlimitedly for 90 minutes. The minimum height to practice sliding on tire chambers is 40 inches. Tickets also entitle you to use the chairs that lead to the top of the mountain. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance. $ 40 per person reports.

Mt. Pines

This place is ideal for skiing and for sliding on monkeys or in tire chambers. It has hundreds of trails that are the favorites of those who are looking for adventures. It is one of the most popular places to spend the holidays, bridges and weekends. Its highest point is 9,000 feet above sea level, so caution is recommended when visiting that part of the resort. The pass for one day is $ 5, and for the whole year $ 30. reports.

Mountain high

The Mountain High Yeti’s Snow Park is the most complete of all the resorts near Los Angeles; It has ten lines to slide with tire chambers, with sleds, a play area and mechanical chairs from which you can see the landscape. In addition, children can Yeti and his friends, popular characters that roam the place. Children should measure 36 inches to slide on the ramps and 43 to do so without an adult. The cost of each attraction varies; park ticket $ 20. reports.


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