The company MillerCoors announced that production will cease in his plant Irwindale, located on the 210 Freeway, through a statement this week. The closure is expected for the month of September, although – it was said – there is a possibility of saving it: that the company Pabst Brewing Co. I bought it.

According to the newspaper Los Angeles Times, the legendary beer brand has suffered a drop in sales In recent years, perhaps because light beer has lost presence in the market.

The problem is that the plant has 470 employees, so now your jobs are at risk. However, the firm that owns the factory, Molson Coors, said it was offered to the company Pabst Brewing the option to buy the plant, of 225 hectares, with a cost of $ 150 million. If the sale is made within the next four months, the plant could be saved.

For the moment, Pabst You are evaluating the offer.

The Irwindale plant has been operating for 40 years and produced 4.8 million barrels last year, with brands like Miller Lite, Coors Light, Miller High Life, among other. The company has other six floors in U.S.

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