The Los Angeles Police Department filmed her singing and the woman went viral

Thousands of dollars have been raised for the Los Angeles subway singer which became a sensation thanks to his angelic voice.

Until 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, two separate GoFundMe accounts, created to help Emily Zamourka find a place to live and get a new violin They have generated more than $ 64,000.

One of the accounts has received more than $ 37,000 from more than a thousand donors. The other account has raised funds for more than $ 26,000, with around 700 people donating to the beautiful cause.

Zanourka attracted attention from all over the United States after LAPD used Twitter to show women's talent for singing. The video was taken at the Wilshire / Normandie subway station in Koreatown.

More than 800,000 people have watched the video.

Many wanted to know the identity of the mysterious singer, while others thought it was all about a montage. However, the mystery was solved after Zamourka decided to tell his life story.

The story of Zamourka, who arrived from Russia when he was 24, has touched many people. This is why the GoFundMe accounts were created and donations are expected to continue arriving.


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