It is easy to despair of alarmist reports about the state of the planet. These French from the United States, they decided to roll up their sleeves. They are entrepreneurs, activists, scientists or explorers: French Morning gives them the floor in a new podcast entitled "French Ecolo".

To wipe the plaster of this meeting, close up on a start-up of French based in New York who decided to tackle the problem of the disappearance of colonies of bees. Founded in 2017, Ubees is led by Arnaud Lacourt, Jean-Charles Morisseau and Maximilian Ebrard. It has 15,000 hives on American soil, which it manages by practicing "precision beekeeping" to reduce bee mortality through the use of technology. Meeting with Arnaud Lacourt, one of the founders of Ubees.

For further:
– The Ubees site
– Ubees qualified for the Startup Tour final in September in New York
– Order Ubees Honey at Sioux Honey's website
– Order seeds to grow flowers at your home (recommended by Arnaud Lacourt) and help bees

Listen to "Episode 1: Ubees, the guardian of American bees" on Spreaker.


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