The deadline for workers of the CARECEN center to vacate the place expires, but they get legal help

Instead of being afraid, the organization CARECEN and its day laborers armed themselves with information and legal advice to respond to the eviction letter they received from the company that owned the premises, Wilshire Union Center L.P., on December 20.

In the letter, Wilshire Union asks the members of the center to leave the place and set the deadline for doing so this Friday, January 17, 2020.

His argument was that in recent years the site has become a "nuisance" and a "plague."

The day laborers who strongly refute the accusations said that this is just a maneuver to attack and criminalize the migrant working class.

"We are back and we are sending the message back … that we will not leave," said Martha Arévalo, director of CARECEN.

“People think that [day laborers] have no voice, that they have no value. But that is not true, this community is extremely important for Los Angeles. This community is not invisible, ”he added.

In response to the accusations of Wilshire Union, lawyer Gilbert Saucedo – representative of CARECEN – indicated that the letter sent in December is "void" and "inapplicable" because it has several anomalies.

Among them, it mentions the lack of foundation to determine the end of the lease and the lack of opportunity to fix the alleged infractions as required by the license agreement.

Attorney Saucedo explains, in his response letter, that Wilshire Union is based on allegations that there are "individuals who appear to be applicants for the Day Labor Center" and who are participating in annoying activities.

"They do not identify who these individuals are nor provide the reasons why they believe they are applicants to the center," said Saucedo.

In addition, he says that Wilshire Union attorneys sent the notification to the wrong recipient.

The center was established through an agreement between Wilshire Union and the Community Development Department of the City of Los Angeles.

CARECEN is only the organization that oversees it.

The backup

Hugo Ortiz, representative of Councilor Gil Cedillo, agreed and explained that the contract between the City and the owner of the establishment was to have the day laborers center as part of the benefits for the community.

This also helped day laborers who at that time were victims of crime in the area.

"It's ironic that now they feel it's something they can get rid of," Ortiz said. "The city is not prepared to release them from their responsibilities and remove the center."

The Cedillo representative added that they are willing to continue supporting CARECEN. "We want to sit down and discuss what the problems are and see if the city can help and partner," he said.

The most affected

Juana López, a housewife and wife of a day laborer, said that after her partner lost her job in sewing, the Day Care Center was her salvation.

"We believe this is a safer place for you to come and get a job," he said. "They support them here."
Lopez said that if it were not for the Center, they would not know how to move forward to cover household expenses and support their two children.

Ricardo Aguirre is a day laborer and a member of the center from which, he said, "he has received support at all times."

“I came here many years ago because I didn't have anything to eat… I want to tell the property owner that there are many people that the only thing they come to do is to look for the daily bread and not to take the food plate from the poor people "

In response to CARECEN's refusal to evict the premises, Wilshire Union said in an email that it remains committed to supporting the community and the neighborhood.

Day laborer Ricardo Aguirre said that people go to the center in search of daily bread.

"[Wilshire Union] is willing to have another organization operate the day lab center to better help day laborers without endangering them and others," he explained in the email.

He added that "he would consider allowing CARECEN to continue operating without charge on the property, but if changes are implemented."

In addition, Wilshire Union said the councilor's office responded positively to the letter they sent notifying him of what happened.

"We are waiting to hear from the councilor's office for a meeting date to consider all options."


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