At least two incidents were reported from 'hacks' of cameras in Los Angeles

A "hacker"Allegedly took control of the security camera system in a house in Calabasas, and from there he sent disturbing messages to owner of the house, the KTLA station reported. Another similar report was given in Torrance, with what The Angels adds to the wave of complaints that there have been in the country for hacking security cameras, specifically the company Ring.

Two incidents this same Thursday. First one sounds alarm and then you hear the voice of a stranger that comes from the camera, causing confusion in people who are at home, performing your normal activities. The surprise becomes annoyance when what they start to hear are sexual comments and explicit messages.

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The first reaction of the woman who lives in Calabasas was that of move the camera to point the other way and they couldn't see her. Then, disconnected the system completely safety. "I think that the company should be held responsible“, He commented to the station's reporter. Security cameras were barely bought and installed in recent weeks.

In other reports, the victims have been minors, whom the alleged hacker asks do destructive things, so the danger Representing these incidents could be very large.

“We learned of an incident in which malicious actors obtained User account information of Ring, ”the company spokeswoman said in a statement. “We recommend that users change your passwords". The "malicious actors" were blocked, he said.


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