Bryan Hymel (Romeo) and Nadine Sierra (Juliet) in rehearsal for the tomb scene at the San Francisco Opera. Photo: Cory Weaver / San Francisco Opera

The 97th season of the San Francisco Opera will be launched on Friday, September 6 with the adaptation of the work of William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, by the French composer Charles Gounod (1818-1893).

Under the direction of Franco-Canadian conductor Yves Abel and French director Jean-Louis Grinda, director of the Monte Carlo Opera, the play will be performed until October 1st.

Romeo and Juliet had not been produced on the San Francisco Opera stage for 32 years. Gounod wrote his version in 1867, eight years after his masterpiece Faust. To interpret such a classic monument, two singers who have sevi in ​​the most prestigious opera houses of the world: the tenor Bryan Hymel (Romeo) and the soprano Nadine Sierra (Juliette). The opera will be sung in French and subtitled in English.


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