credit: corsair

Corsair strengthens in the United States. After the reopening of its Paris-Miami, the French airline announced Wednesday, September 11, the opening of a daily connection between Paris Orly and Newark from June 10, 2020.

Reservations will be open from September 17, the company said in a statement. Flights will depart from Orly 18 hours and arrive in Newark at 8:25 pm New York time. From Newark, they leave at 10:45 pm and arrive at Orly the next day at noon hour from Paris. The new Paris / New York line will be operated with a plane "completely new", The Airbus A330-900 NEO, explains Corsair. Three aircraft have already been ordered. The cabins, equipped with wifi, will have 20 seats in Business class, 21 in Premium class and 311 in Economy class.

Corsair had relaunched its Paris-Miami in June 2019, six years after its closure for economic reasons. In addition to the United States, it plans to expand its service to Montreal during the winter.


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