Hundreds turned to the streets to march with banners to Pershing Square

Hundreds of angels took to the streets this Saturday to condemn US military actions in the Middle East, as well as the assassination of the Iranian military leader, General Qasem Soleimani, at Baghdad's international airport.

Also, they rejected President Donald Trump's decision to send some 3,000 more soldiers abroad.

“No justice, no peace. USA out the Middle East ”(Without justice, there is no peace. United States outside the Middle East,” shouted about 1,000 protesters gathered in the downtown area of ​​Pershing Square.

From there they marched to the federal Roybal building.

"(Donald) Trump is a madman to pull the trigger, (which could even trigger a nuclear war," said Alex Hernandez, a member of the group "Rejection of Fascism, the Trump / Pence Regime must leave." "At any moment their madness can lead humanity to a war that nobody supports."

Big and young people carried banners with phrases like de Stop launching attacks on Iraq ’and‘ We don’t want a war ’.

The Trump administration and the Pentagon launched a military offensive on Thursday night, which ended the life of Soleimani.

The Department of Defense said it conducted the attack as a "defensive action" against the military, who allegedly planned future attacks against members of the diplomatic service

Trump has denied accusations that the murder was designed to start a war with Iran.
“We took action last night to stop a war. We don't take action to start a war, ”Trump said Friday.

Roberto González, a Mexican-Puerto Rican who attended the protest along with his son Adrián, 4, does not believe in that statement.

“I think people can't stand it anymore. Since 2000, politicians have only been dedicated to creating wars, ”said the owner of an experimental preschool in the San Fernando Valley. "We are tired of such a lie."

Roberto González went to the march with his little Adrián, only 4 years old.

According to the organizers of the organization 'Act now to stop the war and end racism (ANSWER)', “if Iran had killed a US general and boasted about it, there is no doubt that the United States would start a large-scale war. "

Also, they said that neither Republicans nor Democrats are able to stop the war.

"The Democratic opposition has been too weak," reproached John Prysner, an ANSWER activist.

“It is the US citizens who are going to stop this conflict; it really is a war and a criminal aggression against a nation that the United States has always wanted to control. ”

This was also interpreted by Shany Ebandi, a girl of Iranian descent, 22 years old.

"My heart is broken. I am young but I see a lot of aggression against Iran by US imperialism, ”he said.

“The recent attacks are examples of violent acts in the United States that can cause revenge; Congressional Democrats are hypocrites because they did not condemn the aggression and simply said they were not informed. ”

Prysner said that under international law the attack on Iran is a "criminal war" where the US is the aggressor for lashing out at a country that was not attacking it.

He said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other senior Trump administration officials “have always wanted to dominate the Persian Gulf region. The form of attack is similar to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but now there is much more at risk … The situation can get out of control. ”

He said that Iran is not Iraq and the consequences of the war can be devastating for humanity, "knowing that Iran is a larger country in territory than France or Germany, it has modern technology and nuclear weapons."

Scott Zenteno, a 27-year-old videogame artist, said President Trump uses the attack on Iran as a "political weapon" in the face of his presumed re-election.

"But it is we who can stop the war," said the protester.

Scott Zenteno said that citizens are the ones who can for a war.

The oil routes

Fernando Suárez del Solar, founder of the Guerrero Azteca project – in memory of his son Jesús Alberto, who died on March 27, 2003 in the invasion of Iraq – considered that the reason for the US aggression against Iran is because President Trump " He clearly wants to distract the people and lie to him to win his re-election. ”

"He says he loves peace and that is why he ordered the" terrorist "to be killed, but this is a clear political distraction where the electorate will pay more attention to war events than to lawlessness, to climate change or to the migration problem," he said.

Fernando Suarez del Solar. / photo: supplied.

His son, Jesus Del Solar, lost his life when he stepped on a cluster bomb that his own companions had planted while fighting in the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Suarez del Solar declared that, if his son were with him, he would issue a complicated response as a member of the US Army.

“When Jesus went to Iraq, he did not believe that (George W.) Bush would start the war. In our talks, he understood very well the interests of the United States government, the geopolitical control of oil routes, etc., ”he said.

"At that time there was not much talk about Iran, but I could assure you that my son would not approve of that crime (the attack on General Qasem Soleimani) because Jesus understood the honor and respect even the enemies," he said.


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