The Police must not cooperate with ICE: it violates the rights of immigrants protected by 'sanctuary laws'

LOS ANGELES.- The Californian city of Laguna Beach must pay $ 18,750 dollars to Edgar Torres, a young man protected by the program of Delayed action (DACA) that was retained by the Police local to wait for Immigration and Customs Service (ICE).

This was announced on Wednesday in a statement the Irvine University of California (ICU), one of the legal representatives of the young man in this case of violation of rights of migrants.

According to that academic institution, Torres was “improperly” retained. in June 2018 by Laguna Beach Police for 15 hours pending ICE agents, situation that violates a California state law which restricts the cooperation of local authorities with immigration authorities.

“We are very happy that Edgar can close this chapter of his life. Police from Laguna Beach I shouldn't have been helping ICE to deport to the beneficiaries of DACA, ”he said Annie Lai, director of Immigrant Rights Program of the ICU.

As a result of the damage caused, the city of Laguna Beach has agreed to pay Torres $ 18,750, currently Orange Coast University student from Costa Mesa, also in California.

“When the policeman told me that I would not be able to return home, I felt fear. I also felt betrayed. I take responsibility for the actions that led to my arrest, but I didn't deserve to be treated differently to other residents who trusted the authorities, ”Torres said in that statement.

The young man was arrested first on suspicion of drive your car under the influence of alcohol, a charge he later pleaded guilty to.

However, the defense, of which the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), alleged that holding him to wait for immigration authorities violated the aforementioned state law and his right to due process.

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