LOS ANGELES.- The Fresno police in California revealed on Tuesday the images of the body camera of an agent that handcuffed an autistic Hispanic minor that suffers epilepsy After answering an emergency call.

The video is part of the investigation of the Fresno Police Department after the complaints of Lourdes Ponce, mother of the young, for the actions of the agents against the child.

The incident happened last January 31 in a restaurant in the city of Fresno.

According to the call to 911 emergency service, Ponce requires help because his son 16 years old, I was locked in the bathroom. In the audio of the call the woman is heard asking for an ambulance and warn that your child has a neurological disorder.

Two police officers initially responded to the emergency.

The video shows an officer entering the restaurant bathroom and try to place the handcuffs to the young man while saying "I don't want him to hurt anyone, okay?"

The teenager resists while the mother tells the agent that the young man "is not hurting anyone".

Then the woman shouts desperately that the boy "he is sick".

The video shows the officer's struggle to put the wives on the teenager. The young man's sister intervenes and hugs the child trying to calm him and so the police manages to place the handcuffs and take it out of the restaurant.

“He is not in trouble. We will try to get you help, ”says the officer.

The policeman asks the mother about what happened, the woman replies that his son suffers from epilepsy.

Other patrols responded to the emergency.

The video culminates with the young man in handcuffs, sitting on the floor and lying on patrol.

Authorities said that when the ambulance arrived the young man had his wives removed.

Fresno Police continue with the investigation of the incident. Ponce has not said if he will bring any legal action against the corporation for what happened.


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