Economic improvement; In addition to good health and spending time with the family are some of the goals to be achieved in this new year

As usual, thousands of Latinos receive the New Year full of enthusiasm. Some seek to be better human beings and promise to work in the spirit; others set educational or financial goals to achieve in the next 12 months.

There are also those who promise to be happier, have a better job, quit smoking or lose weight. Among the immediate plans, looking for good health is the main thing.

The Opinion interviewed some angels to know their dreams and objectives for this 2020 and this is what we found:

"I want to take the culture of Peru to more places," said artist and dancer Nadia Calmet. "I want to take art, dance and theater to various countries."

The founder and director of the Afro-Peruvian Cultural Action Center “CEACA Peru”, who participated in the production “Peru: Pachamama” (by Smithsonian Folklife Festiva in the US) says that in 2020 she wants to connect her Afro-Peruvian show with art and travel through the world.

Martin Pardo said he has faith that his wife will succeed in the educational career she is pursuing.

He added that for many, the problem of fulfilling the promised purposes is not to begin, but to have the determination to persevere in the attempt.

"I would like to have an intense inner peace," said Victor Espinoza, a member of the Afro-Peruvian Ballet of Los Angeles. "I hope I do well with dancing, have health and well-being."

There are cases in which the motivation of the beginning of the year evaporates either due to lack of will, time, procasting or events that are not in our hands to control.

Brenda Pulido, a Mexican woman from León (Guanajuato) who is also part of the Los Angeles Afro-Peruvian Ballet, says she does not want to be part of that group.

"I want to strengthen my connection with Peruvian art, with its dances and travel the world," he said.
He confessed that his dream is to know Cuba, Peru and Brazil.

The goal of a chubby pocket

Martin Pardo, head of maintenance at a Pico Rivera church, said his main goal in 2020 is to increase his faith and that his family has economic stability.

“I ask God that my wife spend her master's degree in education and that she be given her principal's credential at South Ranchito Elementary Elementary School,” said the 40-year-old man, born in Lima, Peru.

On the other hand, Brenda Hercules, 27, from Chalatenango (El Salvador), said that her initial purpose for the next year is to leave the part-time job she has in a fast-food establishment.

“Each week they give me only four hours (of work) per day; sometimes six, but not more than 26 hours in total every week and with that you can't live, ”said Gerson's 9-year-old mother and Steven, who is only 4.

"That is why I also sell Salvadoran tamales."

According to a study by Dr. Franklin Covey, a provider of training and time management evaluation services for organizations and individuals, based in Salta Lake City, Utah, only 20% of people who say they will start the new year with habits they comply with them and a third (33.3%) of those who intend to do something abandon the idea without January having finished.

Brenda Hercules said that in 2020 her goal is to find a full-time job.

The longing for health

Arturo Diaz, a Mexican from the state of Veracruz and an American Meat Warehouse worker says he only wants to "live life and work."

At 54 years old, he said that he only wants to collaborate so that one wish is fulfilled: that his mother Lucia, who had a car accident in 2017, recover.

"In Mexico City, a trailer was stamped against the car where she and my dad, Heladio," he said

“Unfortunately, my father passed away and the pension that was passed to my mother is not enough for his medicines and doctors. Therefore, my goal is to continue helping her financially. ”

Jairo Contreras, better known as "Colochín" in the world of clowns, said that although he is dedicated to making children and adults laugh at parties, he is "modest and does not seek ostentations in life."

"My purpose is to be active in my entertainment profession and that God's will be done in my work," he said.

Arturo Díaz said that his expectations are set on the speedy recovery of his mother.

"I would like to be at peace with myself, maintain health and strength and if I fall, stand up like a warrior to fight for life."

On the other hand, the couple of Angel and Angela Hernández, commented that they have as a relevant project to avoid being evicted from the department they inhabit in the city of Anaheim.

"The owner of the apartments sent us the eviction letter but he did it illegally because the place where we lived was all moldy," said Angela, 20 years old.

“We are going to fight the case, because it is not fair. We lost what little we had and although the manager told us they would pay us everything, so far they have not done anything. ”

Meanwhile, her husband said that not only in 2020, but for the rest of her days "I want a better life for my children, Gianna, 2 years old and Jacob, six months old."

“They just give me a job as a driver and they will pay me $ 20 an hour. That's good, because they also promised me health, vision and eye insurance, ”he said excitedly.

"Also, I hope to fix my papers."

Thanks to his wife being a citizen of the United States, Ángel – who was born in Tijuana (Mexico) – has already begun the process with the objective of staying in this country with his family.


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