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Author, melodist and performer, Virginie Marine gives voice from the Bay of San Francisco, where she settled five years ago. Every Sunday, La Nîmoise sings live on Facebook and Instagram. Sessions that bring together since this summer hundreds of people. " I did not know at the beginning where these live would lead, but it's a nice surprise. I receive a lot of messages and feel the excitement of the public " explains the artist.

Her husband, Charles Holive, is at the piano. She, at the microphone. Together, they take back pieces chosen by the fans. From cabaret to love songs. " There is such chemistry between us that we create wonderful things musically She says. And it's duet that they wrote and composed more personal titles. Result: an EP entitled "My One", available from November 14th. She is organizing a kick-off concert at the Back Room. " I devoted myself to texts and my husband to arrangements. I can not wait to see how our own songs will be welcomed. It's exciting and moving ", Says the singer.

The style ? Intimate piano-voice for a pop all emotions. Like "Do not Want to Say Goodbye", already broadcast on YouTube and totaling over 100,000 views. " I am romantic and my songs express feelings. I was inspired by people and life around me, friendships or mass shootings ". The main asset of Virginie Marine? His vocal amplitude. She has three octaves, like Celine Dion, and is inspired by powerful singers like Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand and Hélène Ségara.

After the release of his first album, self-produced in 2014, the newspaper Le Point had also compared his voice to the latter. An attribute that Virginie Marine used to make her passion a job. She has been singing since the age of 7 and has never stopped. Concerts, piano bars, orchestras, radio jingles, recording voices for record companies, castings of musicals and TV shows: "No one makes music in my family so it takes daring and perseverance. I participated in many shows like "Pop Star" during the 1st edition in 2011 or "You have talent" on IdF1 that I won four times. These shows allowed me to be heard and meet people in the business. "

This is how certain names of the French variety – authors, composers or producers – discover and support it (Richard Sanderson or Rick Allison for example). For this new EP, she gets naked with texts in English: " it is a challenge to sing in English, but I have worked a lot and the Americans tell me that I do not have the French accent. The difference here: we are more in the vocal performance, so I sing a little differently … "Explains Virginie Marine.

What drives him: the love of words, notes and the desire to «Create memories ". " When I sing, I feel alive and give everything I have.


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