The police are looking for Two thieves who climbed the walls and crossed the roof to enter a spcaLA pet adoption center in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles last week, stealing a safe.

The robbery took place during the night of October 9-10 at the facilities, 5026 W. Jefferson Blvd., representatives of the pet adoption center said in a written statement.

Madline Bernstein, who serves as president of the center, said everyone The animals in the shelter are fine.

"First, no animals were injured," he said. “In fact, the thieves didn't even enter the kennels. They spent their time in the doctor's office, looking for money or narcotics. ”

The video shows the two thieves climbing up a 15-foot-high wall and a metal door before entering the adoption center through the roof.

Thieves can be seen using a folding car to help move a steel safe, about the size of a microwave oven, which they took off the roof and fled. It was not clear what could have been stored inside the safe.

The authorities described both intruders as Latino men in their 20s, thin, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall. They arrived and fled by bicycle and both wore helmets. One of the thieves also wore a “Friday 13” style hockey mask, and one of them had the letters "L.A." tattooed on his left hand.

Both thieves looked directly at the surveillance cameras.

"From our surveillance videos we have clear images of the suspects we have shared with the authorities," said the director of investigations, César Perea.

Investigators were working to collect and process fingerprints and DNA evidence, authorities said.

Watch the video here.


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