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Updated on May 29 (removal of the travel limit of 100 km from June 2).

Come in, okay. But how ? From the questions you asked us via email, Facebook or during our webinars, we have compiled a list of the questions that come up most often. And we even answered it. If you have any other questions, ask them in the comments and we will answer them too. Let’s go !

I am French or Franco-American. Can I return to France?

Yes, return to France is authorized for French and binational citizens regardless of their place of residence. However, the authorities advise French residents outside of France to avoid international travel to avoid the spread of the virus, except for “compelling reasons”. You will have to prove your citizenship upon boarding in the United States and arrival in France.

What is a “compelling motif”?

It is a journey of which “necessity cannot be questioned ”, such as the injury of a loved one, the accompaniment of a vulnerable or non-autonomous person, the death of a close family member. A return due to the end of expatriation is also a compelling reason. And no, the holidays, the buddies’ tour or filling up on sausage are not “a compelling reason”. But yes – we feel you are coming – this is only advice; so you will not be asked anything at the border about this.

Can my American spouse return to France with me?

Yes, if you can prove your link (marriage certificate, family book, etc.). The airline must verify the documents upon boarding. PACS couples and cohabiting couples (which is an exception to the usual immigration rules) can also board. All French American spouses can go to France without a visa for a temporary stay (less than or equal to 90 days) .

I am the French parent of American children without a French passport. Can they come?

Yes, if you can prove your kinship through a birth certificate or family book for example.

When will we be able to travel normally?

This is the big question. The state of health emergency was extended until July 10 in France. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian recently clarified that the rules could be relaxed after June 13 if there is no new peak of cases. For the moment, the American borders remain closed to non-permanent residents and tourists.

If I decide to go to France, can I come back to the United States if I have a visa?

In principle, no: until further notice, entry into American territory is prohibited for any foreigner who has stayed in the Shenghen area (plus UK and Ireland) within the previous 14 days. Green card holders are exempt (as are residents). Another important exemption: close family members of a citizen or permanent resident: spouse, unmarried child under the age of 21, brother or sister also unmarried under the age of 21 and parent. If you are in the United States on visa but married to an American citizen, or to a holder of green card, you will be able to thus enter.

Which airline to take to return?

Some low cost companies no longer operate transatlantic flights, but continue to sell tickets. None has yet announced a resumption of flight date – and some are on the verge of bankruptcy. Avoid flights arriving at Orly, the airport being closed until further notice. It is recommended that you take Air France, which offers flights from New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), Chicago (ORD) and Atlanta (ATL) on a reduced rotation.

Can I travel with an expired passport or identity card?

The French Embassy in the United States recommends contacting the embassy or consulate by e-mail and communicating your identity (surname, first name (s), date and place of birth) in order to request a ” a pass valid for the only return to France. “A pass cannot be issued immediately: the embassy or consulate must first verify your nationality and identity“, Specifies the embassy on its site.

Can I get a refund for a canceled flight?

In theory yes. Airlines should offer you this option, even if they prefer to offer vouchers that are less costly for them. Air France has recently indicated that it will reimburse canceled flights.

Can my child travel alone?

Airlines have programs for minors who travel without their parents. It is advisable to contact your company to find out the conditions.

Can I rent a car when I arrive in France?


Can I be picked up from the airport?

Yes, the travel limitation of 100 km in France being removed from June 2.

Do I need special documents to travel once on French territory?

Good question ! We thank you for asking it to ourselves. You will need to have an international certificate derogating to mainland France (including transits) or overseas. These certificates, which must be printed by you, are mandatory and must be presented at embarkation and on passage of borders. It is advisable to keep proof of your trip with you. Any document that can prove your place of residence in France is also recommended.

The ban on travel over 100 km from his home being removed from June 2, it is no longer necessary to have a certificate (but international certification remains mandatory).

Do I have to quarantine myself when arriving in France?

This quarantine is recommended by the authorities, but this isolation is voluntary for a period of fourteen days. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed this after a few days of confusion.

It comes into force on May 25. The Quai d’Orsay specifies that “persons admitted to national territory from outside the European area will thus be provided with information on the conditions under which voluntary quarantine can be carried out at the home of their choice or, where appropriate, in a structure of adapted accommodation“.

I only stay in France for two weeks. Should I quarantine myself?

According to official recommendations yes. But here, too, it all depends on the meaning you want to give to the word “voluntary”.

My visa expires. Can I renew it in France?

No, all procedures are stopped at the moment. Remember that only permanent residents and green card holders can enter the US. There are also exceptions for diplomat visas and certain other professional categories whose activity is linked to the fight against Covid (medical staff, researcher, etc.).

I am in the United States, my visa expires and I cannot return to France to renew it. Can I do it from the United States?

You can contact the USCIS, the immigration agency, directly to extend your visa. If the expiration date is very close, the Embassy of France in the United States advises to call the USCIS directly by phone (1-800-375-5283), having your I-94 registration number , given upon entry into the territory of the United States.

Can I benefit from financial assistance to buy a plane ticket?

In principle, no; return is your responsibility. But there may be exceptional cases. Get closer to your consulate.


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