This bread begins to be sold in the month of October and is usually placed on the altars to the dead

US bakeries where you can find ‘pan de muerto’

One of these bakeries can even ship to the rest of the country.

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Mexican culture has a greater presence in the US, and the loaves of bread are more requested today than before, especially after the Day of the Dead festivity became popular thanks to the Disney film, "Coco."

As you know, this day is celebrated on November 2, and since October the bakeries begin to make bread of the dead, which is usually eaten during this time, in addition to it is also placed as an offering on the altars of the deceased.

Commonly, this bread has a round shape and put some faucets on top that symbolize bones, according to the portal of the Government of Mexico.

If you think you have to be in Mexico to enjoy this delicious bread, you should know that it is also available in the US. That's why, next, we tell you where you can find it.

The Newyorkina

In this bakery in New York City you can find the popular dead bread. Here they bake it with the traditional recipe, although they also have a version to which they add pieces of Mexican chocolate. They also offer ice cream sandwiches made with this bread.

The best thing is that this store can ship across the country.

The monarch

The founders of this bakery are Mexican and were responsible for bringing the taste of the sweet bread of his native Monterrey to the United States.

This chain has 12 branches in Los Angeles and use only natural ingredients, such as agave nectar, and avoids the use of processed preservatives.

To make their dead bread, they also follow the original recipe, which includes grated fresh orange, then dip the bun in butter and sprinkle it with granulated sugar.

The Bakery Pet

You can find this bakery in the Boyle Heights neighborhood, in Los Angeles County, and He is already serving 70 years, so we can assume that they use the original recipe to make their dead bread.

In addition, they also have this dessert in multi-colored versions.

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