Presidents Macron and Trump

Certainly, Donald Trump has his own way of wishing Happy New Year to Emmanuel Macron. The American president re-tweeted, Tuesday, December 31, a video of cars on fire in the streets of Paris with the message " how is the Paris Agreement doing? Do not ask ". The initial tweet was from Jack posobiec, a figure of the far-right American and notorious conspiratorial.

Shortly after taking office, Donald Trump announced the American withdrawal from this international agreement concluded in France to limit the effects of the rise in global temperatures. Emmanuel Macron had criticized his counterpart's decision and launched the Make our Planet Great Again initiative (reference to Trump’s campaign slogan) to attract American climate researchers to France.

The Trumpet spike did not rain in the capital. Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy at the town hall of Paris, also went to his response tweet, in English. "Only six cars"Burned in the capital on the evening of December 31"probably due to an accident“, He wrote on Wednesday. And to add: “l‘Accord de Paris is still waiting for your support for Make The Planet Great Again". It could have been worse for Emmanuel Macron. Donald Trump could have come across the images of the 220 cars burned in Strasbourg…


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