The police are in search of a man who stole a car at a dealership in southern Los Angeles and run over a person who tried to prevent the vehicle from being taken.

The event occurred on Friday, October 11 at Ramos Auto Sales, located in the 7200 block of Alameda Street. A Latino man, in his 30s, asked to see a Ford Mustang that was for sale.

The man, who was dressed formally, distracted one of the vendors and proceeded to escape driving the vehicle. The assistant manager of the dealership, Christopher Navarro, got into another car and started chasing the thief.

Navarro was hit at the intersection of 71st Street and Holmes Avenue, in the Florence-Graham sector. It is believed that Navarro tried to open the car door and The driver dragged him for a prolonged period of time.

Navarro is the son of the owner of the premises. Too, He has two young children. He is hospitalized in intensive care, with a fractured skull, fractures in the foot and neck and is at risk of hearing loss in one of his ears, according to their relatives.

The police are investigating the case and are behind the suspect.


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