Tired of traffic in Los Angeles? Better fly! Moving by air will be a reality

Authorities consider opening payment lanes at 405.

J. Emilio Flores / The Opinion

Surely most of the people who live in the area of The Angels and have faced the rush hour traffic They have dreamed of having wings and floating to their destination. Especially during end of the year festivities, when traffic records continue to be exceeded every year.

Well this next January the FLOAT company promises to turn the dream into a reality: it will offer daily plane transfers that will connect the busiest points of the southern California.

The company has its mission in its name: FLOAT stands for "fly through traffic"("fly over all traffic"). “Without tax and on flights between 15 and 30 minutes“, The company promises to take its passengers flying, through the local airports of southern California.

The planes will have the capacity to carry nine passengers and two pilots, and they will stop at twelve airports, such as Van nuys, in Los Angeles, or the Brown Field Municipal Airport of San Diego, near the border with Mexico

The transfers will cost from $ 30 dollars per trip, and they are offered monthly subscriptions for those who wish to use this transport continuously.

For their part, given the incessant traffic problem, the authorities of the Metropolitan Transportation they are considering opening fee lanes in the highway 405, in the passage of Sepulveda that connects the road 101 in the San Fernando Valley, and the highway 10.

If the measure is approved, the fee lanes they would open in the year 2027, just before the Olympic Games are held in the city of Los Angeles.

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