They live in West Covina and went to their property in Nochistlán, but it has not been known about them

A young woman American immigrant daughter denounced the disappearance from his parents and his uncle in Mexico, after they traveled to the state of Zacatecas In recent weeks. This was announced by the Univisión chain, after the Attorney General of the State of Zacatecas issued a search order by a woman and two men who live in The Angels.

Delfina Florentino Hernández, 52 years old, Pedro Florentino Hernández, of 40, and Jorge Olaf Placencia Jáuregui, of 48, were reported missing since January 3, but the Mexican authorities lifted the report by disappearance just last day 16.

The Florentino Hernández traveled from West covina, in Los Angeles, to the municipality of Nochistlán de Mejía, in Zacatecas, for the New Year's Eve parties, and they stayed at their home in Nochistlán. But since January 3 they stopped communicating with their relatives, so it seemed strange and they raised the complaint.

Yesenia Trujillo, daughter of Delfina and Florentino, was the one who made the report and also gave notice to the embassy from U.S in Mexico. "We know that my mother was driving the truck in which she was traveling with another woman," Trujillo told Univision. He also reported that his parents' property was completely looted. "They took the vans, a safe and all the evidence from the cameras in the house," he added.

This report is given just after the story of an elderly couple who traveled from California to Tijuana to collect the rent on their properties, but they had a fatal outcome.

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