They welcome more than 7,400 new citizens in Los Angeles

During 2019, 834,000 people were naturalized as citizens in the United States.

John Moore / Getty Images

LOS ANGELES.– The southern California will welcome you to more than 7,400 new citizens Wednesday morning, in two ceremonies to be held in the Center of Los Angeles (DTLA). This is about the people who recently achieved the naturalization, who were given an appointment to make the Pledge of Allegiance, As reported by the office of Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

The candidates, who until now had the green cardthat is, they were recognized as permanent residents, applied the citizenship process and they fulfilled the requirements, for what has been granted. It's about people originating in 125 different countries; Among them, the ones that stand out the most are Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, China and Iran, according to the authorities.

Among the applicants are also members of the armed forces, who will take the oath as new citizens.

During fiscal year 2019, USCIS gave citizenship to 834,000 people across the United States.

The ceremonies will be held in Los Angeles Convention Center, located on the street of Figueroa, In the city center.

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