Authorities are investigating the incident, but believe it was a tragic accident.

They run over a man who fell down the subway in Los Angeles and dies

The man who fell to the tracks tried to climb back to the platform, but was overwhelmed before he succeeded.

Screen capture / KTLA.

A 40 year old man he suffered the blow of a train after he fell to the tracks in West adams the dawn of this Wednesday, according to the authorities of the Subway in The Angels. his death was declared after the Policeman arrived at the scene, answering the call.

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. at the station Farmdale of the Expoline, in the area of South of the Angels.

Allegedly, the victim was waiting standing on the platform, when fell on his back towards the tracks, the authorities told the KTLA chain. He tried to climb back towards the platform, but before he succeeded, he was struck by a train that was heading east.

The operator allegedly did not realize that he hit someone and kept going.

A second train saw the body on the tracks and was the one who alerted the authorities when he arrived at the station, 10 minutes later.

The victim has not been identified. Police investigation continues, and subway service was not interrupted.

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