The fire station that serves the homeless population of this area of ​​Los Angeles is named 'the busiest in the United States'

Homeless and firefighter assistant at the same time: the story of ‘Mango’ in Skid Row

'Mango' (left) helps firefighters attend to the homeless in Skid Row, where he also sleeps.

Screenshot / Spectrum News

According to the magazine Firehouse Magazine, the station number 9 from firefighters, which serves the homeless population of Skid row, It’s the busiest in the United States, for the number of calls he answers. The Spectrum channel reported that a very particular character works there: 'Mango', the fireman's assistant.

‘Mango’ wears a Fire Department cap (LAFD) and a jacket with a sign that says “Fire Traffic Officer,” according to the reporter Natalie Brunell. And it is that man helps every day to control traffic outside the fire station, to facilitate the rapid departure of vehicles after each call. In addition, ‘Mango’ helps clean the streets, unwind hoses and offer support in general for the officers who work at the station.

"This is the busiest fire station in the nation," Mango told the reporter. "My job is to help my boys here." The amazing thing is that this man, although appreciated by everyone in the place, does not work officially there. Actually, ‘Mango’ he also lives and sleeps on the streets of Skid Row, one of the central points where the greatest number of homeless people in the Los Angeles area.

‘Mango’ came from the state of Florida to Skid Row in 2016. In fact, it was in Florida that he acquired his nickname: he climbed a lot of mango trees and one day the firefighters had to rescue him, who helped him down.

Why do you do what you do? “I just wanted to give them a hand. As a spiritual person I am, I think I came here to make a difference"He added.

Many of the station members say that que Mango ’provides a good dose of positive energy to work. And it really is required: this station receives on average hundred calls a day, most of which are to take care of the other homeless that live in this area of Center of Los Angeles.

"Sometimes Mango helps us as an intermediary here with the people of Skid Row," said one of the firefighters. Station 9 responded to more than 35,000 called in 2018.

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