They do not agree with the news management that has occurred after the resignation of President Evo Morales

Angels to demand a wide and objective coverage of the conflict in Bolivia after the resignation of Evo Morales to the presidency under pressure from the army of his country.

"They are not covering any of the deaths. We feel disappointed, and we don't see the reason. On the subject of immigrants they have always remained neutral. We do not know why it was not the same in the case of Bolivia", He says Bethzabe Martínez, a Bolivian who participated in the demonstration.

They demanded from CNN broad and impartial coverage of the conflict in Bolivia. (photo provided)

In general, he states that, after the coup d'etat, freedom of the press has been restricted to local and international media.

"Press freedom is being controlled by state powers. They have taken out Argentine journalists, Tele Sur and several radios. We had to inform ourselves through videos“, Observe.

Given the situation of instability that prevails in Bolivia, just on Saturday, a group of Bolivians decided to protest against CNN.

“The rainy and cold weather was not in our favor, but the feelings were. What is happening in our country scares us, ”he says.

The march was attended by about 40 people among Bolivians, and Mexicans, Colombians and Peruvians who sympathized with the cause.

Other demands demanded by the protesters were that indigenous people be treated with respect in Bolivia.

“We have a Quechua and Aymara commitment. All Bolivians have indigenous blood. I have Aymara and Quechua blood myself, ”says Bethzabé, who emigrated 36 years ago to the United States, and is a single mother of two children who are already professionals.

"We also want justice for the dead left by the coup, and compensation for their victims“Established.

Unsatisfied Bolivians against CNN coverage. (photo provided)

Further, they demanded that the members of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) be harassed and persecuted, and that there be transparency in the next elections and that voluntary international observers be allowed.

Is calculated what, in Los Angeles and Orange counties, about 10,000 Bolivians live.


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