Martha Wilson, 72, and Kenneth Perkins, 75, met last spring at the AltaMed Comprehensive Care Program for the Elderly (PACE) in Los Angeles and on February 14 they celebrated their marriage.

Martha, who was a member of PACE, saw when Kenneth first arrived at the center. There he approached, became friends during long conversations and then fell in love.

They both read the newspaper in the morning, and while Martha enjoys dancing, Kenneth loves to assemble puzzles.

The couple decided to get married in January of this year and attend PACE programs every day.

This Friday, February 14, in honor of their marriage, the couple celebrated their marriage union in downtown Los Angeles accompanied by a mariachi, cake, toast and cider.

The PACE program makes it possible for seniors to receive the specialized care they need while maintaining independence at home and in their community.

PACE uses a team of qualified bilingual medical personnel to provide assistance to the elderly for medical, social, nutritional and rehabilitation services. PACE ensures that older people attend all their appointments, get their recipes, participate in social activities and enjoy nutritious meals.


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