The incident occurred on September 29 and a camera captured how the man assaulted the woman

They file charges against a man who attacked and threatened to kill his girlfriend in Arcadia

The suspect faces charges of assault and kidnapping.

Arcadia Police Department

A resident of Arcadia could spend more than 16 years in jail after being accused of beating and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of her children. A neighbor's security camera caught the man assaulting the woman. Prosecutors announced they filed the charges on Wednesday.

Robert Michael Méndez, 27, was charged with charges of hurting a child's father, kidnapping charges and criminal threats, the Los Angeles County Prosecutor's Office announced. There are also charges for bodily harm in circumstances involving domestic violence.

Arcadia police said they heard about the incident after receiving the video in which they It showed a man dragging a woman while she screamed for help at a neighbor's door.

The man hit her several times and then dragged her down the street. In a moment you can hear the man say to the woman: "Get up or kill you."

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said he was surprised to see the terrifying attack that was recorded thanks to his security camera. The next morning, he did not hesitate to send the material to the police so that they could identify the man responsible for assaulting the woman.

That day in the afternoon, the officers identified the recording man as Méndez, who lived in the 1500 block of Santa Anita Avenue. They responded to the residence and They found the woman inside with serious injuries that required her to be hospitalized.

The police determined that the victim was being held against his will in that house since last night. Officers arrested Méndez, who was also in residence.

The authorities identified Méndez as the couple's ex-boyfriend. They have two children together, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Méndez remains in prison and has a bail of $ 330,000, according to inmate records. It is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.


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