More than $ 2 million seized in fake Nike shoes in Los Angeles port

The shoes were hidden in a container that said "Napkins."

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

Around 14,806 pairs of fake Nike shoes were seized in the seaport of Los Angeles / Long Beach on a shipment coming from China.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said that, if they are genuine, the shoes would have an estimated value of $ 2,247,680.

The authorities of the agency and the National Security of the United States discovered the counterfeit shoes while conducting a routine examination of a shipment from China. The officers claimed that the shoes were in a container that was classified as "napkins." Authorities said the false label was to hide the items.

"Theft of intellectual property is a crime that leads to loss of income for American industry, a loss of American jobs and often represents a threat to public health and safety," said Carlos C. Martel, Director of Customs Field Operations and Border Protection.

"The trade of such items is associated with smuggling and other criminal activities, and often finances criminal companies."said Martel.

During the investigation, it was confirmed that the shoes violated the designs and trademarks of the models Air Jordan 1 Off-White, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 11 Y Air Max ’97.

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