Enacted on December 4, it is a recognition of the beloved radio host, one of the defending voices of the immigrant community

The radio and television announcer Don Cheto, of the national syndicalized radio program “Don Cheto Al Aire”, It was honoree by officials of the Los Angeles City with the Municipal promulgation from “Don Cheto Day”, he December 4th. The company LBI Media, with which Don Cheto works, unveiled the deserved recognition on Wednesday afternoon.

One of the most important voices in Hispanic radio and television, Don Cheto is a nice and rural character middle-aged from the state of Michoacán, Mexico. It has been a pillar of Spanish media in the last 20 years, specifically in The Good One 105.5 / 94.3 FM from Los Angeles and on the television show "I have talent, a lot of talent" from EstrellaTV.

Don Cheto has been an enduring voice and defender of the immigrant community Latin not only of southern California, but also throughout the United States.

He Councilor José Huizar of the District 14, was responsible for presenting to Don Cheto the Municipal Promulgation declaring December 4 as "Don Cheto Day" at the assembly of the City Council of Los Angeles.

“I feel very honored to receive this recognition from the officials of the City of Los Angeles, a city that has been my home and that of my family and where I have had the joy of doing what I like most. For me it is a honor and a privilege to be the voice of our Latino working community and also to represent our heritage and our cultural pride, ”concluded Don Cheto.


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