The strong winds of Santa Ana will make it difficult to drive on the roads that cross the mountains

There are warnings of strong winds emitted for the mountainous areas of SoCal

The strong winds of Santa Ana are expected for Sunday.

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images

Strong winds from Santa Ana will affect since Sunday in southern California and have led the National Meteorological Service (NWS) to emit a warning of strong winds for mountain areas.

Gusts of up to 65 mph are expected in the mountains of Ventura and Los Angeles counties, where a warning will be applied from noon on Sunday until 3 p.m. of Monday.

"People should avoid being outside in wooded areas and around trees and branches," NWS said. “If possible, stay in the lowest levels of your home during the windstorm and avoid the windows. Use caution if you must drive. ”

“The damaging winds will tear down large objects such as trees and power lines. Power outages are expected. Traveling will be difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles, ”warned the Meteorological Service.

Strong wind warnings have also been issued for mountain areas in Riverside and San Bernardino counties from 6 p.m. from Sunday to noon on Tuesday.

The NWS urged those traveling on Interstates 10, 15 and 215 to be careful, as well as to those who drive on Highway 210 below the Cajon Pass.

“The winds of Santa Ana will be stronger on Sunday night and Monday at the usual wind-prone sites, such as Fremont Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains, and near San Bernardino and Fontana in the foothills. Bursts at 70 mph are more likely in these areas. The winds will not be as strong Monday night until Tuesday morning, ”said NWS.


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