The exhibition is in an elementary school in Los Angeles, with which they seek the participation of students and community members

Rufino Tamayo It's one of the Mexican artists plus internationally appreciated, for his work as a painter always in search of innovation and experimentation; However, it is not always so recognized by Mexicans, despite being up to Diego Rivera or Frida Kahlo.

The objective of the exposition "Rufino Tamayo: Innovation and experimentation”Is to encourage the recognition of the artist, while making it available to people who live in one of the areas most loved by the city's Hispanic population: the area of Westlake, near to MacArthur Park, the Mexican Consulate in The Angels Y Koreatown.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA, for its acronym in English) opened this exhibition last week, which will remain open to the public until July 11, 2020.

The works presented show a tour of Tamayo's career, with an emphasis on engraving and mixography. In addition, “Tamayo had a close relationship with the population of Los AngelesHe even worked here and collaborated with members of the Mexican Graphics Workshop which was installed in this city (Mixography Workshop Gallery).

Boys and girls have fun painting, drawing and creating with the printing technique used by Rufino Tamayo.

The exhibition is presented in the gallery of the Charles White Elementary School, so that a very active group of children were present at the event, taking advantage of the opportunity to experiment themselves with painting, printing and engraving techniques. The exhibition was organized by Rachel Kaplan, assistant curator of Latin American Art Department of LACMA.

The sample also presents a small selection of prehispanic figures from the museum, which come from pre-Columbian times, before the Spaniards colonized Mexico.

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